Friday, June 8, 2012

Cops everywhere are my brothers/sisters.......

Let's see where this goes. I am a cop to the core. I started on the street in 1978 in Houston Texas. Army vet.(First Cavalry is THE SHIT)  I have been training Cops since about 1983. I am here for you to bitch, complain, tell stories (all cops are great storytellers..and DAMN do we have stories!) or just rant. You can seek advice... tell me to fuck off...or seek a shoulder in confidence. Believe me I have been there....dead bodies...abused kids....fear....uncontrollable laughter....I have been there. Let's use this medium as a way of promoting the brotherhood. Tell me your thoughts. You may not like my opinion, but I will tell you point blank. Others may too. Be stealthy, stand up for people that can't stand for themselves, and for God's careful! 

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